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About Caroline Brannigan

Caroline Brannigan

I’m a highly experienced interviewer and writer and have written 80 memoirs, with more under way. None of these people is famous and most would describe themselves as ordinary. I set up this business in 2008 to give a voice to those who would not normally see themselves in print. When I look at my bookshelf I’m proud to see personal stories which are a fascinating record of social history. Relatives are often familiar with a few family tales but don’t know the details or how they fit together. It’s wonderful for them to see the story in full.

I was born in South London in 1959 and now live in Richmond, North Yorkshire. For 30 years I worked as a journalist and saw my by-line in most of the good quality national newspapers and many magazines. I was very successful and didn’t intend to stop being a journalist but the memoirs have taken over, to my great pleasure. I had tired of the celebrity culture.

That was one reason. I also believe very strongly that these stories should be written down. Very sadly, both my parents died before my children were born. I began writing Mum and Dad’s story for my girls and it turned into a family book but there were so many questions I wish I’d asked them and so many gaps. But we don’t ask those questions in time, do we? Dad was with the retreating British Army at Dunkirk in 1940 but I have no idea how he got back or when Mum knew he was safe. He never spoke about it but I think that, with sensitivity, he could have been persuaded to do so.

About menoir writer Caroline Brannigan

My Dad holding my oldest brother born in 1941