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Caroline Brannigan - Memoir Wirter
Caroline Brannigan - Memoirs, about the books

I could not be more pleased with your excellent product which looks very professional.

Hardback with dust jacket

This is an excellent quality book you can be proud of with the photos throughout.

Size: 155mm wide x 216mm high

The dust jacket has a gloss finish and wraps round the hard cover underneath. Your title and name appear both on the spine of the dust jacket and the spine of the hard cover underneath.

The paper inside is very high quality with a white silk finish which carries the photos well. It is 130gsm (most mass market novels use 80gsm).

The text is printed in an attractive traditional-style typeface which is easy on the eye.


Another excellent quality book to be proud of with the photos throughout.

Size: 148mm wide x 210mm high

The cover is much stronger than the kind you find in mass market paperbacks. It has a gloss finish.

Inside it is the same as the hardback, using very high quality paper with a white silk finish and the same attractive typeface.

Your title and name appear on the spine

I use a long-established printing company which combines the best of old-fashioned printing standards with a modern digital press. Their binding is very strong and the print quality excellent.

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A highly professional and personalised memoir service from one of the country's leading ghostwriters.