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Your life story
written for you

How it works

A highly professional and personalised service from one of the country's leading memoir writers.

Caroline will take on all the hard work of writing your life story from drawing up a plan to presenting you with your books.


I begin by visiting you in your home to show you some of the marvellous memoirs I’ve produced.

Together we draw up a ‘map’ of the main events in your story. I’ll help you to remember all your wonderful memories and sort out the order. You’re in charge of what goes in.

I help you to decide on the length and type of book you’d like and won’t go over your budget without your permission.

You don’t need to do any ‘homework’ unless you’d like to make a few notes. Please don’t worry about getting everything exactly right. You’re relating your life story as you remember it.

All you have to do is enjoy telling me your story with my skilled help. Everyone I’ve worked with has found this an interesting and satisfying experience. Some people use the word ghostwriter to describe what I do but whether you say ghostwriters or memoir writers, my service is the one you've been looking for.



We meet for three or four sessions of interviews, two or three hours each, on days to suit you. I ask lots of extra questions to help you tell your story fully and ensure it’s clear and interesting. One of the problems faced by people who write their own memoirs is that everything is obvious to them but not necessarily to others. 

I keep you on track by using the ‘map’ we’ve made together. I use digital recorders.

I give you advice on selecting photos and scan them at your home so that they don’t have to leave you.

I’m based in Richmond, North Yorkshire. My prices include travelling up to two hours. For those of my clients who live further away, I offer a price package which includes my expenses.

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Proofs and approval

I write your story in the first person to sound just like you but making sure it has a professional polish, flows well and is a good read. I check place names and dates.

I add in a little historical background so that readers, especially younger ones, will understand the context, but this remains very much your story.

You receive your first proof, showing the words, and make corrections and additions.

When you’re happy with the words, I then use the top professional design software system Adobe InDesign to lay out your book beautifully. I can repair and enlarge or reduce your photos on screen. I will, if necessary, take a new high quality photograph to create the cover. 

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You then receive your second proof showing the text, photos and cover as they will look in the finished book. You make final corrections.

After approval the book goes to print and is delivered to you. Books take between three and six months depending on the length and how soon we can complete the interviews.

I picked up my mum’s book and couldn’t put it down again until I’d finished


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